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Richard Smith's Bodybuilding Site
Personal Training available

Diets, Nutrition, Supplements, and Workouts available 

Men's Athletic

I can help you attain your goals in bodybuilding, fitness, or just general health.
Diet plans $50.00

Personal Training available $40.00 hr.

Below are some of the supplements I use on a daily basis.
Check them out!

Energy / redbull - before workouts
Animal pak - paks 3 times a day
Stacker III - fat burners 3 times a day, one dosage 45 minutes before workout
Creatine and Glutamine 5grams before and after workouts and onetime in am on non workout days.

Payments-email me

For any questions just email me. Serious people only please.

I have started a marketing company called UMR. If interested in a job as an agent please contact me. First year potential over $100,000. Thanks